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Solution288 Sourcing and Management:

1. You request a product.
Any off-the-shelf product, from rubber bands to silverware to garden tools to washing machines. If feasible it is best to have a prototype of the product you are looking for, so we can narrow our search based on need for high precision and quality. You can also send us digital images, specifications and engineering drawings by e-mail or fax - the more details you can provide, the quicker we will be able to return the results of our search.

2. SOLUTION288 research and investigation.
The results of our research identifies the most suitable manufacturers in China for your product. We ensure quality samples are prepared in a timely manner. We have a database of more then 75,000 Chinese manufacturers. Within a few days we will send you information, digital images and samples for your evaluation.

3. We negotiate the lowest price in China.
We represent companies in the USA and Europe, thus manufacturers in China know we have tremendous buying power. We will contact several factories and negotiate the lowest price on your behalf. Most, although not all, of our quotations are based on delivery of 20' or 40' containers to give you the best possible price.

4. Your project is managed by SOLUTION288.
SOLUTION288's Western and Chinese staff in China manage and oversee production for you. Experience shows that 'misunderstandings' are dramatically minimized if you deal directly with a Western company. Our Western staff live in China and they fully understand the uniqueness of the Chinese business culture. We currently are able to serve our clients in English, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), and French.

5. We control quality and ensure timely delivery.
SOLUTION288 will make as many trips as necessary to the factory - before, during and after production to ensure the quality, delivery time and other conditions are met. The samples from the manufacturer must meet your standards and expectations. Upon your approval of quality and price, production can begin. Post-production quality control will ensure nothing is shipped from the factory without our final quality control stamp. Continual oversight and any necessary adjustments will be made to ensure your product arrives on time.


Contact us to discuss the possibilities! Our email is info@solution288.com


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