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Solution288 offers four China based services:

I. Sourcing - SOLUTION288 will canvas our contacts of manufacturers in China and, after careful investigation, will present you with the manufacturer that best suits your particular needs - all for free! We will then negotiate the best price and allow you to buy direct from the manufacturer. Click to find out more about SOLUTION288 sourcing.

II. Management - SOLUTION288 will source your product in China and provide you a sample - all at no cost to you. If you accept the quality and price, you place the order through SOLUTION288 and we handle it from there. SOLUTION288 oversees production, quality control, packing, shipping, customs duty, and final delivery to your door. Click to find out more about SOLUTION288 sourcing and management.

III. Troubleshooting - SOLUTION288 is fully capable and ready to assist you in troubleshooting your existing relationships with Chinese manufacturers. SOLUTION288 will make contact with the manufacturer acting as your representative to analyze the situation and determine an appropriate course of action and lay out our recommendations for your approval. We will then oversee implementation of this strategy and follow-up to ensure your complete satisfaction. Click to find out more about SOLUTION288 trouble-shooting services.

IV. Market Research - SOLUTION288 is in a unique position to be able to conduct on the ground market research for a variety of industries to help our customers prepare for mainland China market placement and penetration and/or to determine optimum locations to establish manufacturing facilities. Research can also be undertaken to allow for a more complete understanding of the effects of Chinese regulations on your business or product. Click to find out more about SOLUTION288 market research services.