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Solution288 offers five USA based services:

I. Market Research - SOLUTION288 is in a unique position to conduct on the ground market research for a variety of industries to assist our customers from mainland China achieve market placement and penetration. We are also well suited to engage local manufacturers or determine optimum locations to establish manufacturing facilities. Research can also be undertaken to allow for a more complete understanding of the effects of USA regulations on your business or product.

II. Distribution Channels - SOLUTION288 will identify and provide introductions to a variety of distribution options, all carefully screened and after conducting due diligence before recommending any particular company. Depending upon your goals, this may include everything from stand alone retail locations to USA national chain stores to a more exploratory step of USA warehousing and drop shipping, all built and customized around your precise needs.

III. Management - SOLUTION288 is well placed to provide management services for any product imported into the United States, including but not limited to the establishment of a USA legal entity, locating suitable offices, hiring and vetting staff and overseeing all importing and logistical matters. A turn-key operation can also be set-up with assistance to settle senior Chinese staff in the USA with appropriate visas.

IV. Troubleshooting - SOLUTION288 is fully capable and ready to assist you in troubleshooting your existing relationships with American cooperators. SOLUTION288 will make contact with the cooperator acting as your representative to analyze the situation and determine an appropriate course of action and lay out our recommendations for your approval. We can then oversee implementation of this strategy and follow-up to ensure your complete satisfaction.

V. Certification Process FDA, FCC, UL, CSA. Which one do I need? How to chose? How to apply? SOLUTION288 is able to help navigate this complex and vitally important stage to ensure there is no delay or compliance issue when your products are imported.