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China Team

Dwight McWethy, Managing Partner Operations    

In addition to acting as Director of Operations, Dwight is a founding principal of SOLUTION288. Dwight brings more than fifteen years experience based in China and active participation in China helping companies with international initiatives. Dwight leads a wide array of business operations in SOLUTION288 that permits him to execute the company's vision. Through Dwight's strategic alliances, he has built many profitable relationships throughout Asia that allows him to secure profitable results for SOLUTION288 clients, overseeing all aspects of production, quality control, shipping and timely delivery.

Dwight speaks English, French and Mandarin Chinese. Dwight continues to be an anchor and visionary within SOLUTION288 that has kept the company on track to be a leading specialty China sourcing resource for small and medium sized businesses in the USA and Europe. Since 2013 Dwight splits his time between the Lehigh Valley in the US and Beijing, China. Dwight has a degree from McGill University in Canada.


Dave White, Procurement/QC Director 

Dave comes to SOLUTION288 with more than 5 years of Quality Control experience on the floor of Chinese factories that have given him an unique insight into their way of thinking and standard operating procedures.

At SOLUTION288 Dave oversees procurement and quality control operations for clients, actively and intimately involved with every factory to control costs, quality and production.

Dave's background in Chinese manufacturing dates to 2001 and he speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese.


USA Team


Mark Grimes, Managing Partner Sales 

Mark is a founding principal of SOLUTION288 and brings a wealth of experience as a visionary and leader. Mark has a track record a seasoned executive with twelve years in China as a successful Sales Director, Global Accounts Director, and VP of Business Development. Mark delivers consistent, profitable growth to the bottom line of SOLUTION288 clients and helps drive clients China supply chain initiatives. Mark is based in the USA and helps clients leverage the low cost China manufacturing advantage in order maximize profits, gain market share, improve quality, and maintain competitiveness.

Mark leads with a passion to define and drive a clear vision with SOLUTION288 clients and has a hands-on approach to maintaining relationships with customers and suppliers that ensure client's needs are met at every step.

Mark has an extensive background in manufacturing in China and the USA dating back to the early 1990's. Mark also brings in-depth experience in leading and managing Chinese relationships. Mark has a degree from the University of DeVry and Almeda University in the USA.

Gilbert Schoettler, Sales Manager, East Coast 

Gil brings a proven track record of sales and superior customer service to SOLUTION288. Throughout his career in sales, Gil has cultivated long term relationships with customers by listening to and addressing their needs and concerns. With his ability to bring the face of SOLUTION288 to customers on the eastern seaboard, Gil has become a valuable member of our team.


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