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Medical Supplies Info  

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Medical Supplies

In February 2020 SOLUTION288 began receiving requests for information on available PPE products being manufactured in China. In response to the ever increasing demand, Solution288 has identified several suppliers of various PPE that have both the production ability and relevant Chinese and US FDA certificates. All items below come from factories personally inspected by our team on the ground in China, and are now in the USA available for immediate delivery.

[Updated August 18, 2020]

Sanqi Medical Surgical 3-Ply Mask - Type II  

* Filtration Efficiency - BFE ≥ 95%

* Fluid Resistance - 120 mmHg

* Sterile - Sterilized with ethylene oxide

* Disposable/One time use only

* FDA Registration

* Medical Device Registration (Chinese)

AK Protective Mask FFP3 NR with Valve  

* Filtration Efficiency - BFE ≥ 99%

* Manufacturing standard: EN 149:2001 + A1:2009

* CE Mark: CE 2834

* Disposable/One time use only

* FDA/EUA Approved

* EU Regulation: PPE Regulation 2016/425


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